About Us

Onkar Foods was established by mom Sushma Sivasriamphai, who was frustrated by the quality of dairy products available in Malaysia.

The key tenets of Onkar Food products include:



We believe, that where possible, we should buy local products for several reasons, including but not limited to:
  • Support of the local economy
  • Food is of higher quality as it requires no chemicals to preserve it for shipping. Our food comes from the cow to the factory to you.
  • Affordability comes from the fact that our prices don’t vary due to currency fluctuations, shipping costs, warehousing costs and these savings are passed on to our customers. We’ve, in fact, been told by customers that our products are underpriced.
  • Halal certified under the stringent control of JAKIM


We personally speak to each and every customer to ensure that they get what they want. Currently, all customers contact us via our mobile phones and this personalized approach has resulted in and exponentially growing customer base by word of mouth.